- Music Wire

- Precipitating Hardening

- 38-6-44 Titanium (Beta C)

- Oil Tempered Chrome Silicon

Stainless (17-7)

- 13-11-3 Titanium (limited)

- Chrome Vanadium

- Inconel Monel

- UPG Beta® Titanium

- 301 Stainless Steel

- Phosphorus Bronze

(Ultimate Performance Grade)

- 302 Stainless Steel

- Beryllium Copper

- 15-3-3-3 Titanium

- 304 Stainless Steel

- Beryllium Brass

- 1095 Carbon Steel

- 316 Stainless Steel


- 1075 Carbon Steel Hard Drawn


Renton Coil Spring has designed, manufactured, and tested titanium springs for demanding aerospace, commercial and motorsport applications for over 20 years. Current and future efforts focus on bringing state of the art design and manufacturing expertise to new markets where performance counts.

-RCS was involved with the early development of Titanium (Beta-C) for spring applications

-RCS co-authored papers with Boeing, Douglas & RMI that led to the design stress levels used for aerospace applications

-RCS is the worlds largest titanium spring manufacturer

-RCS purchases and processes over 25 tons of titanium yearly

-RCS maintains over $1.2 million dollars in raw material inventory



Renton Coil Spring has in-depth design capabilities and is one of the few spring companies registered to ISO 9001. Many spring companies claim that they are engineering experts yet take exception to the design section in their registration to ISO 9001: RCS is fully compliant to ISO 9001, certifying the ability to create drawings reflecting your specific design requirements. If you prefer to create your own drawings, RCS will evaluate your drawing prior to production. It is quite usual for even the most experienced engineers to be unaware of spring industry drafting practices; this can cause multiple delays and problems with unnecessary rejections and corresponding drawing revisions. Engineers that work with RCS regularly value the ability to submit drawings for pre-approval so that problems can be caught and corrected before the additional costs of releasing incorrect designs have been incurred.



Renton Coil Spring has a complete facility that utilizes state of the art tooling and equipment. Being a premiere supplier and technology leader, much of the spring manufacturing equipment and tooling have been designed and developed by RCS. The capable and experienced staff of machinists allows more flexibility and cuts down on the lead time and cost of new projects and are constantly improving existing processes. Renton Coil Spring maintains it’s position as an industry leader by consistently applying the highest standards of quality to our material selection, spring design methods, production techniques and testing procedures.



Renton Coil Spring’s aerospace certified ovens are capable of temperatures up to 1200°F. Thus giving RCS the capability of aging and stress relieving of AMS H 6875 (MIL H 6875), AMS 2801 (MIL H 81200), AMS 5699, BAC 5617, BAC 5619, DPS 5.00, DPS 6.33, and many others. Renton Coil Spring is also a NADCAP accredited heat treating facility.



Renton Coil Spring works with several approved local finishing companies who perform...

- Passivation

- Electro Polishing

- Silver Plating

- Glass Bead Blasting


- Primer and Paint

- Gold Plating

- Titanium Anodizing

- Titanium Etching

- Dry Lube

- Heat Treating

- Copper Sulfate

- Shot Peening

- Humidity Testing

- Lab Evaluation

- Salt Spray

- Powder Coating

- Tensile Testing

- Tin Plating

- Water Immersion

- Anodizing

- Phosphate Coating

- Black Oxide Coating

- Chemical Film

- Cad Plating

- Spectrographic Analysis

- Electroless Nickel Plate

- Silk Screen/Pad Printing

- Zinc Plating



- RCS titanium springs are installed on nearly all landing gear assemblies with an unprecedented reliability record

- Renton Coil Spring’s quality system is certified to ISO 9001:2008, AS9100, and also carries NADCAP and Boeing accreditation

- Traceability is maintained on all raw material and finished products

- Records are kept for the amount of time specified by the customer (from 10 years through the life of the airplane)

- RCS uses designated material allocations

- RCS exclusively uses material suppliers that self-certify (1 in 25 material lots is tested to verify conformance with chemistry and mechanicals)

- 100% of aerospace and commercial jobs are tested in process to verify mechanicals

- RCS is ITAR registered



Renton Coil Spring’s capability does not end with the manufacturing of springs. RCS is able to cycle test compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, double torsion springs, clock springs, and assemblies. Extensive methods are used to recreate specific in-use conditions for springs and components. RCS has been a crucial partner for cutting edge aerospace, commercial, and motorsport companies in developing testing methods and procedures.

Renton Coil Spring Co. has the capability to coil springs from round, square or rectangular cross section wire and bar. The stamping and forming department has the ability to work with flat, sheet, and strip material. Although RCS specializes in titanium, they can also manufacture springs from a large number of standard ferrous and non-ferrous materials...